Commentary and Analysis


 How COVID-19 is changing global value chains
Written by
Piergiuseppe Fortunato, Economic Affairs Officer, UNCTAD
 Sustainable public procurement can help us build back better after COVID-19
Written by Santiago Fernandez De Cordoba and Ralf Peters, UNCTAD
 Mauritius oil spill highlights importance of adopting latest international legal instruments in the field
Written by Regina Asariotis and Anila Premti
Article No. 58 [UNCTAD Transport and Trade Facilitation Newsletter N°87 - Third Quarter 2020
 COVID-19: A threat to food security in Africa
Written by
Paul Akiwumi, Director, Division for Africa, Least Developed Countries and Special Programmes, UNCTAD
 Why a sustainable blue recovery is needed
Written by
Mukhisa Kituyi, UNCTAD Secretary-General
Dona Bertarelli, UNCTAD Special Adviser for the Blue Economy
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